In her memoir 'Going Rogue' Sarah Palin described how her Irish American mother Sarah Sheran whose grandparents came from Roscommon imbued her with family values and a deep respect for religion.

Alas, those values have not been handed on to her kids it seems, especially Bristol who recently broke off her engagement again to bad boy Levi Johnson.

Bristol and Levi were once engaged to be married, then she had his kid, then he left her then he dissed her mother, then he became a semi-porn star, then he fell back in love with her, then she found out he had cheated on her and probably had fathered another child and was tom catting to beat the band .

Enough already?

Well then there's Bristol's new role as a young woman speaking out against pre marriage sex -- a slight case of bolting the stable door when the horse is gone

Well imagine for moment if Sarah Palin was in the White House?

This stuff would be endless, the gossip sites would have a field day.other previously embarrassing family members like Billy Carter. Jimmy;s wayward brother, Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton's errant half brother, would be like altar boys.

It would be all Bristol all the time and one can only imagine her mother's frustration with the tabloid life her daughter is currently leading.

The news that she and Levi were shopping a reality show before their latest break up is just another example of how out of control they are.

is America ready for a Palin White House with such distractions?

I hardly think so. The White House is not a long running soap opera which is what it would be with Palin in place.

Americans are not ready for that.