So what would I do if I won the mega millions lottery.


If nothing else with age comes blessed grace and the ability to distinguish between a dream and a reality.

We would all love to think our problems would disappear if we landed the jackpot.

That is palpably not true as we look at the sad trail of destruction that lottery winners in many cases have left behind them.

The New York Post had a series of profiles of winners but losers. Everyone one of them deeply regretted winning.

So I wouldn't want to win to be honest.

Life's not perfect by any means, but why throw a new spanner in the world by adding millions of dollars.

Sure it would be very exciting for a period but ultimately the horrible reality that my job no longer mattered, that my friends and extended family saw me as a cash machine not a valued friend or family member would hit hardest of all.

In the end what do we have but love of family and a deep friendship with those closest to us.

So count me out. I want to stay normal.

So no lottery tickets for me thanks , but good luck to anyone who wants to win.