The three times married Newt Gingrich was guest of honor at the National Catholic Prayer breakfast today, somewhat like Casanova appearing at an abstinence-only luncheon.

The fact that he is divorced, left one wife when she was in a cancer ward and another when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis hardly seemed to bother those Catholic clergy who take such deep umbrage at any attempts to change Catholic orthodoxy.

This is the man who said he had was unfaithful because he was working too hard for America, the man who heartlessly forced the government to shut down so he could force a crisis with Democratic President Bill Clinton.

He talks about "anti-religious values" despite being the perfect embodiment of them himself. After all didn't the Lord list adultery and hypocricy as major sins?

Has Gingrich ever read about the Pharisees?

Has he ever looked at the mote in his own eye?

Has he ever wondered if he is without sin and able to cast so many stones at others?

Of course not.

“The American elites are guided by their desire to emulate the European elites and, as a result, anti-religious values and principles are coming to dominate the academic, news media and judicial class in America,” he said at the breakfast.

So Europe is the bad guy now? Last time I looked they were all democracies, all law abiding states, all secular countries for the very good reason that they know better than to mingle church and state.

Gingrich reminds me of Yeats' line that the 'best lack all convictions while the worst are full of passionate intensity"

Gingrich is certainly the latter.

The Catholic Church should not be embracing this hypocrite.