Donald; Sarah, try the steak and the strawberry cheesecake, they are the best in the world, like everything else I do

Sarah: Why thank you, The Donald, I figured you'd be a beef eating guy.

Donald: Sure am, The Donald has the best manners in New York and America and Trump cutlery was forged in a steel mill for 100 years --nothing but the best for you Sarah baby.

Sarah(blushes) Oh The Donald, you are so complimentary. May I call you The Donald.

Donald; Of course, that is what I call myself. The Donald knows what he likes.

Sarah. You must come to my house in Alaska The Donald and have some of my caribou steak that I undressed myself.

Donald; It's you undressed I'd like to see-- oops, sorry The Donald shouldn't say that

Sarah; That's is perfectly ok now tell me about your hair.. I love it.

Donald; The Donald's hair goes where he goes, that's it.

Sarah; You are such a intellectual Donald, how profound.

Donald. So can we retreat to my igloo for an after dinner cognac then?

Sarah: Of course Donald dear, I want to hear you says ''you're fired; in that husky he-man voice.

The Donald. I'm Fired, fired up and ready to go

Sarah. Oh dear that's Obama's slogan -- how dare you ---you're fired!