I have heard Glenn Beck compared to many people, some flattering, some not so but never Oprah WInfrey.

However, the Sunday New York Times magazine says that Beck is secretly a Winfrey wannabe and that there is "something feminine about Beck — the soft features, the crying on the air, the reflexive vulnerability."

Glenny Beck effeminate, gay even, is that what The Times are hinting at?

Beck's staff love the comparison to Winfrey, as does Beck himself apparently.

They point to the fact that Beck has more female viewers than other right wing hosts and that they feel he understands them better than most men.

“Part of Oprah’s appeal is that people see her as a real person,” Joel Cheatwood, the Fox executive who initially brought Beck to CNN’s Headline News and then to Fox told The Times.

“She has struggled with her weight; she is open about it. Glenn is not a pretty boy. He comes off as a regular guy who has also been open about his struggles.It sets him apart from the standard, testosterone-addled rant artists of cable and talk radio."

Just when you thought you might have figured out the Glenn Beck role in American life, the hard nosed evangelist for the Tea Party movement, along comes this interpretation, that it is really all about his soft feminine side and how he wants to be Oprah.

The only comparison I see is that they both like to talk about themselves endlessly and America finds that fascinating enough to tune in in their millions.

And they both laugh all the way to the bank.