New York City Speaker Christine Quinn is making quite a fuss - and this time it's Mother Theresa who's the subject of the Speaker's outrage.

At a press conference on Wednesday , the high powered politician proudly brandished two blue and white candles and held her head high after having been snubbed by Empire State Building owner Anthony Malkin.

Malkin refused to yield to the Speaker's request to have the building lit up especially.

But although the Empire State Building won’t be turning sky-blue any time soon, a city-wide day of service has been declared.

Which makes you wonder: isn’t that enough?

What would mean more to Mother Teresa? You know the answer Christine

For Quinn, who seems determined to make an issue out of a trifle, the answer is apparently no.

Although Bloomberg shirked the issue somewhat, saying that he didn’t want to make the issue any more controversial than it was, firebrand Quinn continues to make a song and dance over a few varyingly coloured lights.

And this all in the context of a city and State going through some of the most difficult financial times in recent memory with Albany's lawmakers recently passing a series of drastic financing proposals to try pull the State out of the financial quagmire it's found itself in recently. 10 weekly emergency spending bills were only recently passed to try help the State grapple with a budgetary gap that's closing in on $8.5 billion,..

There are plenty of important issues facing New York at the minute, and the second most powerful official in the City can certainly have her hands full if she wants to. But whether the Empire State lights blue-and-white for Mother Theresa or not this August simply isn’t one of them.