Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day Apple’s Computer’s App store has unveiled an array of iPhone applications that traffic in anti-Irish stereotypes and Irish “jokes.”
The decision by the computer giant to host culturally offensive applications makes little sense when you consider that Apple computers have been having a particularly bad PR week already.
First up on the App Store’s list of seasonal anti-Irish offenders is the iRish Jokes application. Featuring a grinning leprechaun on the cover, the application hosts jokes like the following: “Have you heard about the Irish boomerang? It doesn’t come back, it just sings songs about how much it wants to.”
Har har. 99 cents gets you 20 Irish jokes. The author is someone who calls himself Hassan Hosam. There’s one approving rating by the public (probably by the author himself) the rest of the ratings say the iRish Jokes application is bad or worthless.
How many Irish men does it take to buy an iPhone? Just one, but it might be just one less if they take offense at idiotic Irish stereotypes. Apple should pay closer attention to what’s being sold under their banner. If there was an English Jokes and a German Jokes and an American Jokes app that would be one thing, but to single out the Irish in this way is not on.
See the rest of the offensive line-up yourself at the Apple iTunes store.