The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has called Jackie Kennedy (Pictured above in Waterford, Ireland in 1967) a ‘Geisha girl’ and agrees with her that the Irish have a persecution complex.

Irish American Dowd says that Jackie was a deeply compliant wife who “was a Geisha” who prided herself on it.

She quotes Jackie in the sensational new book based on interviews she gave six months after John F.Kennedy was assassinated as saying” It was really a rather terribly Victorian or Asiatic relationship we had.”

Interviewer Arthur Schlesinger asked was that like being a compliant Japanese wife Jackie Kennedy responded, “Yeah which I think is the best”.

Don’t expect Dowd to be breaking out a Dinty Moore can of Irish stew anytime soon either.

After Jackie O had stated that she was glad to replace Irish stew in the White House kitchen with sophisticated French cuisine Dowd agrees.

She also agrees with Kennedy saying that the Irish have a persecution complex.

“Dowd wrote ‘ I have to agree with her asperity about the suitability of French cuisine for the White House rather than Irish stew and the tendency of the Irish to have persecution complexes.”

Dowd agrees that Kennedy comes across as a snob as she has been accused of but states;

“Her snobbery was mostly aimed at the egomaniacs, the incompetent and the power crazed.’

She also says Kennedy clearly ignored her husband’s womanizing.

Dowd wrote, “she could be unsparing and caustic except about her sometimes imperfect husband whom she bathes in an impossibly perfect glow.”

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