Help! Lindsay Lohan is making a comeback.

How can you do that when you never had a career to begin with?.

Never mind.

Irish American Lindsay is in the movie 'Machete' called an exploitaiton flick at its finest.'

Sounds perfect for Lindsay. Except what is left for this woman to exploit?

Drugs? Done them, nasty cat figthts? Been there, Stealing a rolex -- yup

lesbian lover -- had that. Paparazzi overkill -- every day.

I mean what other actress does the word exploit cover so neatly?

Which is why she may be a star in this flick.

She's the actress who has been having a brain freeze in public for about 300 years now.

So someone had the bright idea to give her a a part in a Hollywood movie.

Maybe Dr. Kevorkian wasn't avaiable.

One critic Lindsay Powers, deputy online editor of The Hollywood Reporter, said:

"In this movie, she has threesomes with her mother, she's naked for a big chunk of time. She has a scene where her father picks her up from a drug den. So, it's really hard to separate her real life and her acting right there."

You're not kidding Ms Powers.

This isn't art imitating life.

It's a tart imitating her own life