Keith Olbermann was right. He contributed to Democratic candidates as a citizen, which he is perfectly entitled to do. It is absurd that his bosses at MSNBC have decided to discipline him.

Over at Fox News they must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Rupert Murdoch and News International made it crystal clear when they backed conservative groups with over a $ 1 million donation that they were putting their money where their mouth was.

Olbermann decided, in a much smaller way that he wanted to do the same. Several colleagues at CNBC and MSNBC and NBC and GE which owns NBC have all contributed to candidates.

And he gets suspended for doing that as well?

This is liberal nonsense run amok, a complete fake sense of outrage of what modern politics is all about.

Does anyone really think that Keith Olbermann is supposed to be impartial and not support one side or the other?

He's a committed Democrat of course, something that is obvious to every one alive.

The fact that he is putting his money where his mouth is not a source of shock to anyone except the lily-livered folk at MSNBC.

Sean Hannity has taken part in Tea Party meetings, Glenn Beck has led a massive rally. Are Democrats remotely surprised or shocked. Should they be disciplined too?

Of course not. As Mr. Dooley said 'politics ain't beanbag' especially in this modern era.

It reminds me of the nonsense surrounding Juan Williams and National Public Radio.

The liberals need to get a grip here. The world is not a perfect shade of in-between, people have feelings beliefs, commitments.

Sometimes they want to back those feelings with political support. They are American citizens too, and are fully entitled to.

This Olbermann nonsense is completely ridiculous.