President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Recent early voting trends in the presidential election make me think Barack Obama is pulling his old Hillary Clinton trick.

Pollsters reports show that in Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Ohio the early voting pattern is very clearly in Obama’s favor because of all the groundwork done.

Sound familiar? Back in 2008 when running against Hillary Clinton, the overwhelming early favorite, Barack Obama invested massive resources in getting out the vote efforts while Clinton was apparently cruising towards victory in meaningless polls.

Sure, Hillary had leads in all the major states but the Obama folks did an incredible job ferreting out victories in obscure caucuses and primaries all over the place in states like Idaho where no one had bothered to contest in the past.

It was enormously frustrating for Hillary supporters when the battle began and Hillary victories in major states were being offset on a regular basis by Obama victories in obscure caucuses.

It was an amazing job by the Obama people and I get the sense they are doing it again this election.

Romney was so preoccupied with a lengthy and consuming primary fight that he did not have the resources or time to set up early voting scenarios in many of the closest run states.

Obama’s folks, on the other hand, with no primary opponents, were able to focus on the long game and put the early voting strategy in place.

That is why pollsters are reporting early gains for Obama in key states with early voters.
In a razor thin election like this it could make the difference.

Ask Hillary Clinton.