A single party Fine Gael government led by Enda Kenny is a real possibility according to a new opinion poll in the Sunday Independent newspaper.

The poll was taken in eight key constituencies across Ireland and took into account individual candidates in those constituencies.

The newspaper claimed there is a “hidden surge” to Fine Gael in all those constituencies, which if reflected across the country, could lead to a one party government.

If so it would be the first single party Fine Gael government since 1927.

Generally, Irish election polls take the party's strengths across the country and do not measure individual races where local personalities come into play.

However, the Sunday Independent poll revealed that Fine Gael candidates on an individual basis are far more popular than those of other parties and under Ireland’s complicated electoral system that could pay off with a huge bonus in extra seats as they will bring in far more running mates.

Under the new poll Fine Gael would have 42 per cent, Fianna Fail 24 per cent and Labor 17 per cent with Sinn Fein at 13 per cent.