Government shutdown shows the madness of the Republican right
(Photo: WTVR)

Why are they committing political suicide over Obamacare?

Congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin seems like a smart young guy most of the time, but last night on CNN he came across as a total idiot.

He was sent out to bat by the leadership on the congressional shutdown and was quickly nailed by Piers Morgan as to the lunacy of what he was doing.

Morgan played a clip of House Speaker John Boehner announcing soon after the Obama re-election that “Obamacare was now the law of the land.”

Duffy had no answer to that, flailing around helplessly like a maggot on a fishing line.

Yes, Sean, and all other Republicans, elections do have consequences.

We may not like the result but we sure swear by their outcomes.

But the GOP hard right seems to want to break this pact that has held the American Republic together since the times of George Washington.

They want to repeal the vote on Obamacare, repeal the Supreme Court verdict approving it, repeal the victory by President Obama against Mitt Romney and enter their own alternative universe where only their opinions count.

You wonder what smart Republicans like Duffy and fellow Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan really think of where John Boehner has led them.

They are rushing down the road to nowhere, insistent only on hearing their siren call that they must destroy Obamacare even if it shuts down the government and leaves 800,000 out of work and piles up billions in costs.

Not to mention the stock market is in turmoil, other countries are aghast and America’s role as world leader is suddenly in question.

The definition of political madness is surely voting again and again to defund Obamacare and getting the same failed result every time.

I predict the GOP may shortly split up into two parties, moderates on one-hand and tea party fanatics on the other.

Only when the tail stops wagging the dog can the GOP make some progress with average Americans.

Shutting down government is not some silly game to please the peanut gallery. It is an attack on the most essential freedom, allowing your vote to count and your political system to understand and act on that.

Last time I looked we were not ruled by dictators of the right or left. It seems the GOP heavies want to change all that.

To which I say “stuff’em” or something to that effect.

Here's a video of Sean Duffy on Piers Morgan's show: