David Paterson is an unqualified disaster who should never have got within an ass' roar of the governorship of America's most-important state.

Here is what he had to say on immigration during an appearance on the "John Gambling Show" yesterday.

"There's a difference between illegal aliens and illegal permanent residents. Illegal aliens obviously shouldn't be here," he told the caller. "And the only time that we aren't as aggressive in trying to find illegal aliens is when it's a health care issue."

"Illegal permanent residents" is, of course, an oxymoron -- and Paterson is the latter part of that word for even uttering it. But wait, it gets worse.

"If you know any illegal aliens that are here that shouldn't be here, then the important thing is to report it to the INS and lets get moving so that we reduce that number," said the governor.

Sure, David. Why don't you lead the round-up? Let's ship 'em all back home -- all 12 million or so of them -- a totally practical suggestion.

We should be counting the days until November.