Police Commissioner Ray Kelly with his son Greg who has been cleared of rape charges 
Ray Donovan, the Secretary of Labor in the Ronald Reagan White House, was the subject of a major corruption inquiry during his time in office.

He was found not guilty on all charges and told he could leave a free man.

However, he asked what office he could go to, to get his reputation back.

Of course there was none.

I’m sure the same story would resonate with Greg Kelly, the FOX TV morning anchor, who was accused of rape in what was from the beginning, an utterly spurious case.

He was an easy target, son of the NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, a former marine and war correspondent and a much respected TV anchor.

All that meant nothing when his reputation was savaged by the rape complaint.

Worse, his accuser will be able to go free, after nearly destroying the reputation of one of the most popular and well liked TV figures around.

The case collapsed within hours of the woman filing her ‘complaint’-- a full three months after the alleged incident.

Kelly (43) was accused by a 29-year old legal aide of rape after they had sex in her boss's law office after a night out.

However, the texts between the pair after the alleged rape happened convinced prosecutors that no rape occurred.

A source told The New York Post that “the lustfulness for each other was mutual’’ and added that it should be “no surprise’’ that the investigation was dropped.

“Between her story, her texts, his story, the small amount of alcohol [involved that night], there was just no evidence,’’ the source said. “The only theory was that she was physically helpless, not forced, but there was no proof that she was in a drunken stupor.’’

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Amazingly, the accuser goes scot-free. The source stated that “There are no plans to prosecute her because [prosecutors] don’t believe she is lying. “She never wavered from her story that she was too drunk to consent,’’ the source explained.

Kelly issued a statement through his lawyer.

“I am thankful that the investigation established what I’ve known all along, that I am innocent of the allegations that were waged against me.

“I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and friends whose support for me never wavered.”

The Manhattan DA’s office said it had told both parties on Tuesday no rape case would be filed.

“After reviewing all the evidence, we have concluded that the established facts do not constitute a crime under New York criminal law,’’ said DA spokeswoman Joan Vollero “From the moment this matter was referred to this office, we conducted a thorough investigation, consistent with standard practice. That investigation included interviewing numerous fact and expert witnesses, and reviewing and analyzing multiple items of physical evidence, including, but not limited to, receipts, security logs, text messages and telephone records. ...but concluded that “no criminal charges are appropriate.’’

A source close to the investigation told the Post, “It sounds like she got caught [cheating] by her boyfriend, and then he forces her hand: ‘If you’re not lying, you better ­report.’ ”

The problem is that when a woman is genuinely raped in New York it will be all the harder for her to make her case given this nonsensical claim.

This woman has done women everywhere a grave disservice.