Sometimes you have to wonder what is Donald Trump smoking. This week he has been heavily promoting himself as a likely vice-presidential candidate for Mitt Romney. Trump is taking it seriously if no one else quite is.

“Donald Trump would be the best bet” he told Newsmax magazine this week referring to himself in the third person.

Does his ignorance know no bounds?

On an appearance on ‘The View” last week, he said, “I was doing fantastically in the polls, but I really became friendly with Mitt Romney and liked what he was saying about China, about OPEC and all the other institutions around the world that are 'ripping us off.'"

He’s lying of course. Polls showed no such thing. They showed he had no hope of the GOP nomination, never mind the White House.

That has not stopped the perpetually self-obsessed Donald speaking out about his amazing attributes.

If Romney picked him it would be a worse bet than Sarah Palin in 2008 which destroyed John McCain.

He has several bankruptcies behind him, has three marriages, has a string of damaging self-aggrandizing claims the length of a Bible.

He would be destroyed and of course Romney knows that too.

But he will play along with the Queens clown, who was handed most of his fortune by his father Fred Trump in the first place and almost managed to lose it.

But it serves no one’s aims to dismiss Trump out of hand, which is why Romney would rather have him inside the tent rather than outside.

But vice president? He makes George McGovern’s pick from 1972, Thomas Eagleton, who later admitted psychiatric problems, look like a genius call.