Donald Trump is fast becoming the Charlie Sheen of politics.

Watching him on 'Good Morning America' with George Stephanopoulos this morning was like watching a car crash.

Trump's face got redder and redder as Stephanopoulos questioned him on his absurd position on the birther controversy.

Unfortunately for Trump he wasn't able to bark 'You're fired" at the ABC host as George very kindly eviscerated him on past statements he has made saying Obama was a great president, in favor of abortion rights and universal health care.

Trump just sat there looking more stupid at every moment. Like all arrogant men he has a number of pithy one liners that he doesn't feel he needs to explain further. When asked to explain he blusters and bullies.

But when George pressed him on what exactly he would do to force OPEC to lower oil prices Trump responded that he would withdraw troops from OPEC countries, a clearly insane remark.

On the birther issue Trump resembles Charlie Sheen, off in his own world of high conspiracy and low deeds. He has a crack team on the case in Hawaii and promises to publish sensational allegations soon.

No doubt they can stop by Roswell, New Mexico on the way back and find the UFO that transported Obama here from a distant galaxy.

All this nonsense would be laughable were it not for the fact that, based on polls, Trump has a real shot at the Republican nomination.

Quite rightly that is scaring the wits out of Republican headliners like Karl Rove who has called Trump "a joke."

He is a joke but the joke is on the American people that this charlatan could ever be a serious contender for the White House.

Who is up for his running mate? The Rock, Mr.T ?

It is high time Republicans told Trump he's fired.