Robert F Kennedy Jr

Bobby Kennedy should be ashamed of his behavior over his dead wife Mary who hung herself.

His wife’s remains belonged to her family not to the person who deserted her.

Bobby Kennedy had the chutzpah to eulogise his late wife Mary Kennedy who killed herself, at least partly over him,  at her funeral mass yesterday.

It had to be one of the greatest acts of hypocrisy by a separated spouse in many years.

The world knows the truth of the relationship, a tortured tangled one that led her eventually to take her own life by hanging herself.

Her family was understandably outraged when Bobby proposed he hold the wake and funeral service and bury her where he wanted to at the Kennedy family plot.

Her  family rightfully wanted to claim back a beloved sister and daughter and bury her with their people.

Bobby did not agree and a judge agreed with him, mainly because the divorce was not final and he is next of kin.

To call it selfish and callous is to use very mild adjectives to describe this sort of behavior.

We have become used to the Kennedy sense of entitlement but this really took the biscuit.

The estranged husband who  contributed to his wife’s suicide tells the congregation how wonderful she was.

Just a few days ago they were at daggers drawn and friends say she was increasingly depressed about it.

I’m sorry but the lack of sincerity and sheer effrontery of Bobby’s behavior is hard to take.

At least one Kennedy family member deserves praise however.

Kerry Kennedy, who was close to the dead woman, spoke some beautiful words.

“She was brilliant and she was beautiful and she cared so very, very deeply about everybody around her,” said Kerry Kennedy. “She had friends in every corner of the globe. Really deep, rich friendships.”

“I just think that she was really an angel who was brought to us, to live with us here on earth,” Kennedy said. “And I think God just brought her back up to heaven and said, ‘You don’t have to fight for me anymore.’”

That is sincere love, not some public relations effort to cover up bad behavior and very likely significant guilt.

Bobby Kennedy Jr, bearer of a famous name, one known for standing up for what is right, should be ashamed.

Here's the AP report on Mary Kennedy's family's ceremony: