When the Boston Globe asked about Mitt Romney's birth certificate they were told it was unavailable.

Indeed, the state of Michigan where Romney was allegedly born -- but who knows -- Mormon missionaries traveled the world you know --- released a statement saying

"Birth records are restricted in Michigan and only a person or parent named on the record, or a legal guardian or representative can request a copy."

Ha! there we have it--- the cover-up ----let me be the first Romney Birther.

He should not be allowed to run, Mormon undergarments or not, until he proves he is a living breathing, July 4th American.

Bad enough to have a president born in Kenya in a hut with You Tube videos playing the birth --oh you didn't hear, they 'removed' those too from the site?
But his main challenger it now appears was born in ..outer space maybe? I mean is Utah part of America?

So let's find out about Huckabee, Palin (is Alaska really part of America?) and the rest of these frauds. Chances are they were all born in Planet Zog and transported to earth in one of those Scientology Time Capsules that Tom Cruise rattles on about.

Where's the Donald when we need him to call out Romney on this?