Mattie McGrath outside Irish
Government buildings
Sometimes it really does feel like “Father Ted” was a documentary, and this is especially true when comedy fumbles like this take place. The audio below could not have been better if it was written by Graham Linehan himself.

Speaking in the Dáil (Irish Parliament), independent government member Mattie McGrath got a little confused talking about Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s appearance on the front cover of Time magazine. The red-faced politician instead referred to the Irish leader’s photo on the “front page of Playboy magazine.”

He said, “To see our Taoiseach, on this front page of Playboy magazine, I wish him well, I voted him as Taoiseach, but I expected a lot different of him."

The Tipperary South/West Waterford TD soon corrected himself saying, “Sorry what magazine did I say? [Pause] Oh sorry. I meant to say … sorry, sorry … I'll correct that - I meant to say like a playboy on Time magazine.”

Poor McGrath had his slip used against him shortly after when Dun Laoghaire TD Mary Mitchell O'Connor commented on McGrath’s poorly prepared speech on the Fiscal Bill saying, “Maybe you should be getting your advice, your economic advice, from Time magazine rather than Playboy magazine.”

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