The morning AP headline on my computer screen read:

"For compromise in Wisconsin, 3 GOP Senators needed"

What the headline actually should read is: The 14 Democrat Senators who fled the state in order to circumvent the law, need to return and do their job, they have paralyzed the legislative process. There is no need for GOP lawmakers to compromise. They overwhelmingly won the election and are trying to carry out the mandate the voters of Wisconsin gave them. Elections have consequences, as our President has reminded us time and again.

When you get your information from only the main state approved media, you aren't given the whole story. So the subscribers of Irish Central, the smartest and most astute readers in the world, here's what you might have missed:

1. The state of Wisconsin is broke, it has no money left. The Governor campaigned on public union reform and getting the budget balanced. He won by a large margin.

2. President Obamas Democratic National Committee — specifically Organizing for America, is deeply involved in a state issue and has taken sides with the unions.

3. Thousands of demonstrators on the streets of Madison have been bussed in from out of state aided by Organizing for America.

4. Many who are demonstrating, called in sick to attend. Many schools have closed because 40% of the teachers have called in sick. There are Doctors on the street handing out medical excuses to the demonstrators. This is also illegal, this is documented on film.

5. Thousands of supporters showed up in Madison over the weekend to show support for the Governor. The Governor said he was getting almost 1,000 emails an hour in support.

6. In spite of bogus polls designed to make you think the public is against the Wisconsin Governor in his quest to rein in the unions, American are overwhelmingly behind the Governor.

7. Millions in the private sector lost their jobs and many millions who still have jobs have taken pay cuts. Millions have lost everything. Public sector unions need to recognize where the money comes from that pays their wages and benefits.

Just in case you didn't happen to catch the above facts that may have been omitted from your news reports. You can get the rest of the story here, on Irish Central.