Update: In the waning hours of election day 9/13/11, Republican challenger Bob Turner has been declared the projected winner in the Congressional race. As Ari Fleischer, President Bushes press secretary jokingly said: “Obama calls for NY-9 to return to it’s pre-1967 status. Last time an R held the seat was 1922.”

A new poll shows the once safe Democrat haven, New York's 9th Congressional district, is about to turn Republican after tomorrows special election.

The seat up for grabs, was once formerly occupied by far left Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner, who resigned in disgrace a few months ago. The Republican challenger, Bob Turner, is clearly ahead of his Democrat opponent, David Weprin, by six percentage points, a whopping turn around in this hugely Democrat district in Brooklyn.

This race portends disaster to Democrats on a national scale for the 2012 elections. Many consider this Congressional race a referendum on the way the Obama administration and the Democrats in the Congress/Senate have lead the country. Dissatisfaction with policies and the way the economy is being managed are turning droves of once loyal Democrat voters towards the Republican party.
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The poll found that the once reliable bloc of the liberal Jewish vote in District 9, has turned against policies they perceive, have weakened and isolated Israel. Republican Turner is winning the Jewish vote by an astounding 56%-39% margin. Many consider the State Department/Obama administration as anti Israel. This belief will part the political sea and allow a mass exodus of Jewish voters to journey to the Republican side of the ballot in the coming elections.

No matter how the spin meisters try to turn this around, if the Democrats lose Weiners seat by a substantial margin, it is a double whammy loss for them. In a strange sort of way Weiner seemed almost a Munchhausen Disease by proxy figure, who did the Democrat anger work for them in a very public, vitriolic way. He was the point man and attack dog of the house and was known for his emotionally charged speeches and semi meltdowns that captured the main stream medias attention.

To not only lose a person of Weiners stature, the Democrats will also suffer the additional humiliation of having a Republican in his stead.

But like icebergs whose mass is underwater, the Weiner election is just showing the surface damage. The real damage, the great gash to the USS Democrat Party, occurred long before the Weiner election and will lead to its sinking in 2012.

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