In yet another step down the one way chute of nanny statism, a "courageous progressive lawmaker," Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro from Connecticut, has boldly found yet another unique way to spend other peoples money. It seems liberalism's never ending quest of avoiding responsibility for ones responsibilities, has now brought us to the brink of having a federal diaper law. The proposed law will provide disposable diapers and accessories to "needy families."

This odoriferous law, is a reflection of the mentality portrayed in television programs like "16 and pregnant," where it is actually socially acceptable and a "choice" to get pregnant out of wedlock.

The Father is being written out of the script and substituted with a daddy: Big Daddy government.

The third world, "takes a village" to raise a child syndrome, is bringing us generations of children dependent on government programs. These programs originally designed to be temporary stop gap measures by helping those who are in a bind, have become permanent ways of life for millions.

They raise children on a false premise that government policies are best and will take care of them, they are not raised to be self reliant. Some of that mentality and disappointment is reflected at Occupy Wall Street. Many down there are disillusioned with what they were promised and what was delivered. This sort of disappointment is not supposed to happen in America, where everyone gets a trophy for participation and no one loses. Where playgrounds have become "risk free" Nanny staters have made playgrounds too safe.

Ironically before she became a member of Congress, Rep. DeLauro was chief of staff to Senator Chris Dodd, one of the main players in bringing us the sub prime mortgage meltdown. Another example of a good intentioned law that turned out to have disastrous consequences for the country. Not that a diaper law would have have the monumental effect on our country that a sub prime mortgage law would, but it is symptomatic of an underlying mentality.

It seems the progessive movement in America is on a headlong rush to model itself after the rest of the worlds failed socialist/cradle to grave nanny states which are toppling into fiscal bankruptcy. Of course the United States is 15 trillion in debt, it's credit rating lowered and would be technically bankrupt, except we have printing presses working overtime to fund our out of control spending.

If America is going to continue on as a going concern, perhaps it is time for people to pay for the disposable diapers their own children use and not rely on the rest of the village to pay for them. Come to think of it, what is wrong with cloth diapers?

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