One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, the kind of die-hard extremists who occupy the extremes of the political process in Northern Ireland might just grow up.

It won't be any time soon for the "Traditional Unionist Voice," which dismissed the devolution deal Friday with a petulant hissy fit.

The TUV opposes any coalition with Sinn Fein (which makes any grown-up negotiations kinda difficult don't ya think boys?) and says the DUP has sold out.

Leader Jim Allister said: "The DUP MLAs who buckled not only let themselves down, but, more importantly, let their country down."

"The deal the DUP so meekly accepted is the same deal they rejected.

"The deal hasn't changed, only the snowmen of the DUP who melted once the heat came on."

Snowmen? More like a snow job by the Traditional Unionist Voice.