State Rep. Kevin Honan attends the CARA Club with
a group of young Irish ladies here in the
States to play Basketball against local colleges.
By Catherine Moloney, Social Services and Senior Program Coordinator

Cara Club

We had a very lively and enjoyable afternoon at the Cara Club on Monday. Norah Lavelle, By Your Side Nursing Care offered one to one Reiki massage sessions and a number of participants were very happy with the opportunity to avail of this. We also had a surprise visit from State Representative Kevin Honan, son of Mary and Pat Honan. Kevin brought with him a large group of young Irish teenagers from Tipperary and Offaly who were visiting Boston to play basketball against a number of local high school teams. The group of young adults had plenty of musical talent and entertained us with some songs and a couple of tunes on their tin whistles. A really lovely time was had by all.

Dorchester Coffee Morning/Cafe Éireann

There was a competition this week to see who could come up with a new name for the Dorchester Coffee Morning. We had a big response from everyone and many great ideas. The winning name was Café Éireann suggested by Mike Curren. Thank you to Norah Lavelle, By Your Side Nursing Care for the Reiki massage sessions enjoyed by a few regulars and a couple of Reiki newcomers.
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