Posted by Kelly Fincham at 9/8/2009 10:21 AM EDT

So, back from an idyllic stay at a secret location in Long Island (see above) to bad news from the MTA.

The express BXM4B is being axed.

It's the same old story - not enough bums on seats - but surely the MTA should do more to promte their services?

I live in Woodlawn which is well served by the MTA (#4, #5, #2 D train and Metro North) but the trains are all packed like sardine tins at rush hour (as well as grindingly slow on the #4) so the BXM4B was a real treat.

The bus went direct from Woodlawn to Fifth Ave down the Deegan turning an 75-minute rush-hour horror into a restful 40-minute commute.

Anyway, my point about the MTA promoting its services is that hardlly anyone in Woodlawn knew about the service.

Many of the veteran bus rides referred to as the MTA's best-kept secret.

Hmm. There's a good business strategy. Don't promote one of your best services.

I am going to miss this service big time next week when I rejoin the hordes battling their way to 42nd Street.