How to broach the question without calling her a slut!
Dear MTN,

Recently I began dating a woman and I am concerned that she has far more experience than I do.

Although I am not judgmental the number of previous partners is somewhat important to me. How do I go about asking her to go into more detail about her past without being insulting?

I really like this woman but I am intimidated by her past. Am I making a big deal out of nothing? And should someone's history even be a factor in a relationship that is going well?

Best regards,


Dear Will,

Do you really want to know this information? I think if you take a moment to think about it you probably won't want to know how many lovers your girlfriend has had. I do not think her history should be a factor in your relationship as long as you really like her.

It sounds like you're a little insecure with your own past with women. Again, that should not be a factor for your girlfriend as well.

As long as you are happy my best advice is to view this relationship as the being the first for both of you. Instead of looking in the past start fresh with this relationship and only look forward. Best of luck to you. I hope she's "the one."