Your ride is covered, Arianna Huffington is giving lifts to Washington on the Saturday before Halloween.

The author promised buses-for-everybody from Manhattan to DC on Saturday morning, October 30th, leaving from 560 Broadway---that sweet-spot between the Puck Building and Old St.Patrick's in SoHo.

She was pretty clear that the ride was free if you're going to Jon Stewart's rally. Details are still primordial, as seen on the Huffington Post sign-up page here.

But I'm not going to Jon Stewart's rally. I'm going to the Stephen Colbert March to Keep Fear Alive. I'm not sure there's a place on the sanity ride for people Howling on the edge.

That's why I'm going to Stephen Colbert's march, in costume, as the Colbert Nation has decreed, and as Halloween requires.

We've been told to go as "your greatest fear." Since, I can't afford the suit, I won't be going dressed as Stephen Colbert.

Incidentally, Halloween is an old Celtic holiday that confronts and celebrates the fears and powers of the unconscious human mind. It marks the mid-point in the year, that divides the dark and the light halves. People wear costumes to blend amongst the aos sí (ace shee), on that first day of the new year when the little divils emerge from the cthonic world to dance freely in this one.

Halloween or Samhain is a "new year's day," when we can become conscious of and comfortable with, these dæmonai within. The maddness of the confrontation/celebration is cathartic, as the rally and march on Washington will prove to be for the United States (of being).