Finding that special religious someone
Dear MTN,

I met my boyfriend on one of the Internet sites and thought since it had an affiliation with being Catholic, that I would only meet religious guys. Well I've met five guys and none of them go to mass. 

I am so disgusted with the dating process, I want to give up. I am 35, never been married, and have a good job. Having God in my life is very important to me. Are there any guys out there that still go to mass? Or do I have to give up on that prerequisite and settle? 

Thanks for listening.

 - Tara

Dear Tara,

Yes, there are still Catholic, single guys out there that go to mass. In my program, I have over 1200 great, quality singles and when you come in for an interview you would just mention you wish to only date guys who go to mass, or who are willing to begin going back to mass with the right girl.

I can tell you first hand I have many guys who go to mass and would love to meet a girl who does the same.
I realize how and why you would think that a Catholic Internet site would or should have many guys who go to mass, but as you saw, and I have heard, that is not the case. Sometimes in fact, the least religious guys go on there simply to meet a girl who is religious in hopes that they will just be a "nice girl" and not have anything to do with a need to go to mass together. Unfortunately when you use the Internet, there is no screening process and even though you can ask for a prerequisite, it doesn't mean that it will happen. In my private, personalized service, what you ask for is what you get.

If you are commitment minded as well then I hope you will give us a call at 516-444-2861. In the free consultation, don't forget to mention how important it is to only meet guys who are religious.

Thank you for writing, and I hope to meet you soon.