The man who looks set to become Ireland’s new leader, Enda Kenny got up, close and personal with a four-legged friend on the campaign trail recently.

The photo shows the Fine Gael leader shaking the giant guide dogs paw as he offers him an engaging smile.

The Irish Times have asked their readers to come up with suitable captions for the photo.
Here are just some of the best:

FF send the attack dogs after Enda, as usual they couldn’t even get that right! Comment by Paul Kane

“The dogs on the street know Fine Gael can get them back on their feet”. Comment by Mark
Kenny unveils running mate. Comment by David

Most Impressive Candidate for Taoiseach enjoys chance meeting with Enda Kenny. Comment by festinog

Will Strictly Come Dancing nerer end!!! Comment by Tom

“And you are our Councillor where exactly?” Comment by Highway61

FG leader freed from captivity by sniffer dogs. Comment by Paolo

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