Just when you think the secular progressives have gone as far as they can with the political correct gobbledygook, they come up with a new pretzel like way to separate our country from its foundation.

A Seattle public school no longer believes it is proper to call Easter Eggs, Easter Eggs...They are now officially "Spring Spheres".

Excuse me while I clutch my gun and my religion...but isn't this going a bit far?

No longer is it Easter Vacation, it is "Spring Break". "All Saints Day" aka "Demon Night" in some parts of the country is called Halloween. The "Christ" has been taken out of Christmas, just refer to it as Xmas from now on. The push is on to rename Columbus Day to "Indigenous Peoples Day", or "Dia de la Raza".

Two of our greatest Presidents birthdays Lincoln and Washington, have been lumped into one holiday called Presidents Day......An effort is being made to eradicate American values.

It seems American traditions are evil and must be obliterated in the secular progressive mentality, they are at the root of all that is wrong with society. Anyone that doesn't agree with that line of thinking is sub par intelligent and a red neck gun clinger, ahem.

How far does the left want to go to extinguish every little bit of connection we have with our heritage in order to appease other cultures? There is no limit, but a wise man (person) once said:

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything".

America has traditions and values that the majority of its citizens believe in, but it is being hijacked by a tyranny of the minority.