Donald Trump has many detractors, but most especially those in the liberal dominated media. They criticize his hair, his past marriages, a few of his failed business ventures, his successful reality show called "The Apprentice" and his brash style. But deep down, their criticism stems from his success and his honest bluntness when he speaks the truth.

In the liberal media world, it is bad to be successful in the business private sector, unless of course you are a far left billionaire who funds far left "media" organizations. In that case there are no boundaries to the leeway and protection they will afford you..

Of course there are "untouchable" elephants in the living room which are to be ignored in the liberal media world, including Obamas sealed off past, his many gaffes and the deplorable condition of our country under his leadership.

Listening to the cacophony of the mostly liberal media who try to denigrate Donald Trump and quell his message, you would think that a major victory was scored by Obama just because he presented a copy of certificate of live birth.

A question that is being overlooked, is why did it take Obama so long to unveil this piece of information?

Of course Obama said he needed to get past this annoyance of the birth certificate nonsense and get to the hard work of solving Americas problems at his press conference.

From the press conference he and Michele boarded Air Force One for an appointment with Oprah to do a show with her in Chicago. After that taping, a flight to New York where he attended 3 democrat fund raisers for the rest of the day and evening to schmooze and vacuum up campaign contributions......These are his highest priorities for our country?

I am assuming most of you reading this column didn't know that the President spent the entire day after his birth certificate news conference, doing an Oprah show and schmoozing with his fundraisers for his re-election.....Did you you read it in your local paper, see it on television, hear it on the radio?

While at a news conference yesterday, Trump fielded many questions from the assembled milieu of reporters, he took credit for Obama finally showing his birth certificate. But the most salient comment Trump made, which received little comment, was when he said the the media protects Obama.

Donald Trump speaks from his gut. He speaks for millions of Americans who are very concerned about the direction this country is heading under the present administrations leadership. He has the courage to take the heat from those in the media and the professional politicians who would like to silence him.

From getting ripped off by China, getting gouged by OPEC, being in 3 wars, "protecting" countries with our military and not being reimbursed, to sealed secrets of our Presidents past...Donald trumps direct style and message resonates with the American public.