I’m all excited to head off to my first Knicks game tonight and am looking forward to the hotdogs, beer, big giant hands and the celebrity spottings. Yes, the New York Knicks v The Washington Wizards in Madison Square Gardens and I’m “pumped”, as they say in America.

It seems casual chic is the most appropriate option for those of us who have to live without courtside seats, and the most important part of the ensemble is the very flattering blue and orange jersey.  I may have to get my hands on one now that I’m pretending to be a real New Yorker. The key to pulling off this look is imagining yourself as one of the lads (the guys) and pairing it with a giant foam hand.

The courtside celebrities, such as Beyonce and Vanessa Hudgens,  try to look “normal” in their casual over-accessorized attire with killer stilettos and hair and makeup preened to perfection. However, for us truly normal people sitting in the cheap seats, it’s best to be comfy and cosy at a sports event on what seems like the coldest day New York has ever seen.  Nothing a few cheers and beers won’t warm up of course.

The celebs like to do it in style and accessorize with a hot man, but I try to be original so I’ll be accessorizing with four visiting Irish girls instead. Go New York, go New York, go!