Keeping up with all the Irish traditional and folk music happenings in New York City is a massive task.

The city is not just chock-a-block with brilliant musicians, and a vibrant multi-venue session scene, it's also a key destination in the Celtic Corridor that runs along the Northeast United States. There's no telling who might show up--or from where--any given night. Musicians from Baltimore often stop in to a NYC seisiún on the way to a gig in Boston, say, without batting an eye.

New York regular, and Baltimore native, Seán McComiskey is scheduled to make the trip up this weekend for the opening concert of the Blarney Star series at NYU's Ireland House. A mighty box player, McComiskey kicks off the series in a duet concert with his long-time musical collaborator Cleek Shrey on fiddle and piano.

Shrey is himself a recent transplant to New York, having graduated from the University of Virgina with a degree in music, coming from a varied and rich background in many styles of playing. He has garnered deep respect for his authentic Irish fiddle technique.

Seán McComiskey was raised in the music, with his famous father, composer and accordionist, Billy McComiskey to tutor him from an early age.

Seán and Cleek are great friends and exemplify the very high standard of music among their generation of Americans playing Irish trad. This is a concert not to miss.

They will appear together on Friday, January 22 at Glucksman Ireland House in Greenwich Village (, 212-998-3950) starting at 9 p.m.