Waiting for Misses right? Where is she?
 Dear MTN,

You got my cousin married a few years back and I am new to New York and thinking I might give you a try. But before I come in and meet you, could you please give me some pointers of finding someone on my own first?

I am thinking, this is a great way to see if you are all just about the money and will tell me to slack off and that I must come in to see you, or if you are real, like my cousin says and will try to help me first without me paying you first a dime. I thought about asking you out, but my cousin said he tried that when you met, and you told him you don't date your clients, and that the girls you have in your program are all nice and very pretty. His wife is beautiful, so I know you did a good job on them.

I am a good looking, successful guy in my early forties looking to get married and hopefully have kids one day. I don't want to find a girl drinking in a bar. I don't like the lies on the internet dating sites. I own a home and own my own business. I don't drink too much, don't gamble, and don't cheat on my ladies.

So what do you think?

- John
Dear John,

First of all who is your cousin? Give him a shout out "hello" from me...

Yes, you are doing the right thing in writing in my singles column for advice. This is the whole purpose of singles writing to me. I am happy to help you as I have been happy to help the singles that I've helped over the years.

You sound like a great catch with the basics, but I wish you would have told me a little bit about your personality. If you are more outgoing or more shy. Those would have helped me, however I will do my best!

In fact, I always recommend to singles every time I give a lecture on dating that you should try finding someone on your own first, to see if you will be successful, but only give it six months. If looking on your own takes more than six months, then it is safe to say that you are just too busy, or there are not enough singles in your circle etc. Of course, it has nothing to do with you! It has to do with time and exposure!

1. Think of a hobby you have and have always said you were too busy to do. For example, learning how to cook, or playing volleyball etc. And join a club that is for that hobby. All the females in that room, if they are single, already have something in common with you!

2. Tell everyone in your circle, work, family and friends, that you are done with being single and do they know of anyone single that might be a good fit for you? (Meeting through friends, is usually the second best way to meeting someone, behind using my service.)

3. Everywhere you go, and go out and get yourself out there...and any attractive girl, first smile at her and see her response. If she is married, she should look away. If she smiles back, then approach her. Tell her you find her attractive. See her reaction. Then ask her if she is single. Of course you need to be prepared for the "danger factor here" especially for us all in New York. But most girls are savvy enough to do a "Google search" on you anyway before they meet you. If she is receptive, ask her out!

Try those John and I wish you the best of luck.

Again, if it takes more than six months, then call me. I have 1200 clients that I'm sure would love to meet you! - MTN