Looking at the state of affairs in Washington, perhaps it is time to apply the same proposed standards for gun owners and apply them to prospective and sitting politicians.  Perhaps go even further, by requiring our leaders to pass an FBI background check.
Governor Huckabee mentioned he was subjected to a security background check while Governor of Arkansas, in order to be allowed access to National Homeland Security information.
At the time, he was a sitting Governor, a politician… he had no problem complying with it.  In fact he suggested all politicians be subjected to security background checks.
What’s wrong with verifying who our leaders are?  Should they at least be able to pass the same background tests that applicants for an FBI job have to pass?
After all, their decisions have the power to affect our national security; shouldn’t we make sure they at least meet the same standards as the rest of us if we want a government job in the security sector?  Or even a regular government job for that matter.
It would be good to know ahead of time, if the person running for senator has criminal ties? Graft or corruption allegations?  A drug problem. Is there anything in the background that could subject him/her to blackmail?
How about running all of his/her credentials and getting those degrees verified?  This is nothing less than what many prospective employees are put through for even a county job.
There is a growing chorus for medical/psychiatric standards for gun owners.  From listening to some of the bizarre rants coming from leaders in Washington DC, I think some sitting members would not be able to pass the psychological standards.
Many say these screens are already set up by political opposition research to try to dig up dirt on opponents.  But opposition research cannot be as thorough as an FBI background check. 
Ask Bill and Hillary Clinton what one of the first things they did when they entered the White house in their first term? They got the confidential FBI files on all of their political opponents. What did they do with that information for the next 8 years?...And to this day for that matter?
Perhaps it is time for President Obama to appoint Joe Biden to head up another “blue ribbon” committee to see how this can best be facilitated…As soon as Joe passes his background check.