A two-year-old from County Down managed to raise the alarm when he realised there was something wrong with his six-month-old brother sleeping in his cot.

Aaron realized that his brother had changed position in his cot trapping himself. The boy shouted "Mummy, Mummy, baby, Mummy," until his mother Moira came in and saw the baby.

"He was so tightly under them that he could not cry or move and I feared the worst as I untangled him...He was OK, thanks to his brother Aaron who had just saved his life by raising the alarm. I hugged Aaron so much, he was a real hero and only a baby himself.

“He didn’t realise what an amazing thing he had just done...This is a real miracle — my alarm was due to go off at 7.30am to get my eldest daughter Faith ready for school.

“If Aaron had not woken me, Samuel would have no doubt at all been dead by that time.”