David Duke, the white supremacist who was once a leader of the Klu Klux Klan and a failed U.S. presidential candidate, is thinking about bringing his twisted brand of hatred to Ireland to rail against immigrants who have come to the country in recent years.

"I am thinking about visiting Ireland, doing some research for my new book and am looking forward to meeting with some Irish patriots in the land of my ancestors,” he said on the Web site of the Irish White Nationalist Party. 

Ugh . . . who knew this Klan kook had Irish blood running through his veins? Hopefully the Irish “patriots” he speaks of will give this dangerous bigot the greeting he deserves . . . just like the Czechs did last week.

According to the Sunday Business Post in Ireland, Duke was arrested by the Czech authorities on suspicion of denying the Holocaust, which is illegal in their country. He was booked to give a speech on extremism at a university in Prague, but the event was nixed because of the possibility of attracting neo-Nazis.

Next thing he knew, Duke was being held by the Czech powers that be, who promptly barred him from entering the country, ever again.