Who better to tell women how to make their own reproductive choices than a room full of religious conservative elderly white men? I mean, obviously right?

Clearly that's what Fox New's Sean Hannity concluded this week when he reflexively assembled an all-male panel to discuss women's reproductive rights.

President's Obama's healthcare plan requires contraception to be included in insurance coverage, which is a reflection of the longstanding reality that 98% of Catholic women in the US already use birth control.

Not so fast, cried Hannity's panel. We don't want hospitals, colleges or other religious organizations to provide birth control because if a women doesn't become pregnant every single time she has sex God gets quite irate - and so do we, they scolded.

This is really big issue for the right they claimed. We'd go to war over this.

Sensing their resolve Hannity asked the all-male panel: 'How many of you would be willing to go to jail over this?' All but three or four raised their hands. Oh, the drama. Then to further underline their point they did something that conservatives actually do every week on Fox News, they compared the Obama administration to Nazi Germany.

It was a move that particularly nauseated the Daily Show's Jon Stewart, who takes a special kind of offense at grossly unfair comparisons to Hitler.

'First of all, when the Nazis came for people, they also left with them. It wasn't a metaphor,' Stewart said, referring to one panelists Nazi claims. 'Hitler did not 'start small.' His deliberate annihilation of a religion didn't kick off with insurance reform.'

Stewart dismissively titled Hannity's all-male panel 'The world's holiest sausage fest,' and scoffed at its claim that a healthcare mandate amounted to a war on religion.

Really, he asked, how persecuted can America's religious institutions be when they collect up to $100 billion a year in revenue without paying any taxes? 'If that's persecution, it's the kind of persecuted I'd like to be," Stewart scoffed.

Just looking at them would probably be sufficient to dampen anyone's thoughts of love, but these men want to leave nothing to chance. They want to call the shots, no need to hear from women. Now who does that remind you of?

But in a metaphor that seems apt, it looks like the conservatives forces who have carefully crafted this 'controversy' have been shooting blanks - this ginned up 'controversy' is another in a long line of overplayed hands.

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