I've written about Cindy Jacobs before, because, well just look at her.

A fundamentalist Christian, she often says the most hateful things you could ever concieve of in that sweet little lady voice of hers.

This week Jacob's is suggesting that God may have killed tens of thousands of men, women and children in Japan with an 9.6 earthquake and a terrifyingly powerful tsunami's after that because the Obama administration repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

I'm mean the connection is obvious, innit? That's right. When gay people are happy God is sad. In fact, the thought that any gay person anywhere ever might some day live a life free from insult and harassment apparently drives God to multiple homicides.

But can people like Cindy Jacobs really be the face of the Christian gospels? I mean to say, when you think about the implications of what's she's saying here (go on, try) what sort of light is she putting God in, really?

Are we to accept that year after year He keeps making the same mistake of creating millions of new gay people all over the world, accidentally leaving Him with - whoops - no choice but to send earthquakes and tsunamis and plagues of frogs the boils of Egypt etc to eradicate them all and to, you know, send a message?

The thing about natural disasters is that they can be attributed to a set of envioromental factor rather than divine metaphors. So wouldn't help us all to be a little more explicit? In fact couldn't He, you know, send us an email maybe?

I for one would be glad of an explanation, one way or the other. Because if Cindy Jacobs is representative of the kind of person He'd prefer to spend eternity with then I really won't feel so bad about missing out on Him or Heaven.