There's no need for the Republican party to focus on Americas economy; forget the threat of terrorism or rising education costs or the pain of high taxation. Trust the GOP to know what's really important: gay marriage.

Soon they'll start every Congressional meeting by passing a gay marriage amendment.

Just look at Minnesota. They have already defined that marriage is between one man and one woman in a state statute, but this week their GOP controlled senate approved a ballot to allow voters to - you guessed it - constitutionally ban same sex marriage.

Who knew the land o'lakes was such a hot bed of sodomy? Who could have dreamed that the biggest threat now facing the state was the prospect of Adam and Steve shacking up together?

What this suggests to me is that the GOP is desperate, in panic mode in fact. This looks like a transparent political ploy, a big carrot if you will, to inspire the religious right to go to the polls in a desperate attempt to ensure Obama does not win Minnesota in 2012.

It's a pointless exercise, though, since eventually this - and all - anti-gay amendments will most likely be struck down on Fourteenth Amendment grounds.

But in the meantime gay bashing is still a handy vote getter for the GOP. And in the process we get to see who's putting hate to a vote. All those senators’ names will go on record and straight into the history books where they will be remembered for their crassness and their pathetic pandering.

How can we claim to stand against bullying and discrimination in the schoolyard when parents are doing it in the Congress and Senate? How many of us can still maintain that marriage is being “attacked” when our nearest neighbor Canada already has full gay marriage and no such onslaught has occurred?

Minnesota's neighboring state of Iowa already has marriage equality for gays and frankly not one heterosexual marriage can claim to have been affected by it. So it's quite clear that it's bias that's created this ballot. 

I have friends in Minnesota and I have to say they're among the kindest, most tolerant and tough-minded people I have ever met. I’ve never met a Minnesotan I didn’t like.

I can't believe this just happened in their state.