Late night comics have been having a field day with the news that Sarah Palin and Survivor producer Mark Burnett are pitching a reality TV show.

David Letterman says she needs a reality check first.

"Sarah Palin has teamed up with the guy who created 'The Apprentice' and they're going around trying to sell a reality show. When I heard this, Sarah Palin, somebody said Sarah Palin is getting a reality show. I said 'Reality show, jeez, what about a reality check?'" he said.

Jimmy Fallon chipped in to say the news about Palin was usually more wacky than any reality.

"This is pretty wild, Sarah Palin has been shopping around her own reality show. Yeah. Of course, any reality show about Sarah Palin will have to compete with that other reality show about Sarah Palin: the news," he said.