Bill O'Reilly is suddenly obsessing over celebrities.

The man who led the campaign to put Christ back in Christmas is now much more interested in Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber.

Lately he's been hammering away at celebrities like them and Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus.


Ratings dear fellow -- it works.

"It's just common sense that if you talk about a celebrity, you're going to attract more viewers," Dr. Paul Levinson, a media and communications professor at Fordham University told the Answer Bitch column. "O'Reilly and his producers know that, and it's one of the reasons why he's No. 1 in the ratings."

When O'Reilly made his comments slamming Kim Kardashian for her photo shoot with Justin Bieber his rating shot up over 3 million and stayed there for a few nights. They are usually 2 million

Celebrities move the needle and O'Reilly knows that

"O'Reilly and his producers clearly keep their eyes out for stories that he can use for his political agenda and issues," Levinson tells me.

"He offers himself up as an arbiter of morality and defender of the rights of men, and these sorts of issues are really the perfect ones for him too address."