The ‘Sucker Punch’ actress – who split from Zac Efron in December after five years of dating – reportedly told pals at the Cannes Film Festival she is planning to relocate from California in the next few months and can’t wait to start a new life.

A source said: “She was super excited about it. She was also excited to hang with Rosario Dawson. The girls are working together soon."

Vanessa – who has been romantically linked with Josh Hutcherson since splitting with Zac – has been a hit with the guys in France, but has spurned all advances to continue partying with her friends.

The source added to E! Online: "At one point, three different groups of guys approached Vanessa and her friend to hit on them, but she graciously declined each time.

“Eventually Vanessa looked over at her friend and said, 'I just want to dance,' and the two proceeded to twirl around the party."

Meanwhile, the ‘High School Musical’ star has admitted she would like a cameo role on musical TV drama ‘Glee’.

The 22-year-old beauty said: "I totally would. I'm all for musicals. I love what they are doing. I'm very go with the flow, so if it happens, awesome!"