Well,  no surprise there then. It seems like a waste of time to even have these kinds of polls these days. Twihard and Edward Cullen fans will always make sure Robert Pattinson will come up trumps, devoted fans that they are.

Pattinson has won top honors in  Glamour Magazine's "31 Sexiest Movie Vampires". In fact following Entertainment Weekly's poll over the summer to find the "Sexiest Beast" on the silver screen Pattinson has moved up a spot, from second place, winning over Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore in "The Vampire Diaries".

At number five is an older movie which still holds its own "Interview with a Vampire". Brad Pitt nabbed the fifth slot with his character Louis. In at number four is the character of Emmet Cullen from "Twilight", Edward Cullen's big brother, played by Emmett Cullen. And David Boreanaz comes in at number three with his character Angel from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Here's a list of a other "Twilight" characters who made the cut and where they ranked:

31. "Alec" (by Cameron Bright)
29. "Victoria" (by Rachelle Lefevre and Bryce Dallas Howard)
27. "Demetri" (by Charlie Bewley)
25. "Alice Cullen" (by Ashley Greene)
24. "Carlisle Cullen" (by Peter Facinelli)
22. "Jasper Hale" (by Jackson Rathbone)
19. "Rosalie Hale" (by Nikki Reed)
17. "Caius" (by Jamie Campbell Bower)
10. "Riley Biers" (by Xavier Samuel)