Lindsay Lohan (AP)
More legal woes for Lindsay Lohan! The recent 'Liz & Dick' starlet Has reportedly refused to agree to a plea deal which would have forced her into rehab for six months since Lohan insists that she is innocent.

Lohan is now facing a possible eight months in jail after her probation was revoked last month after she allegedly lied to police about being behind the wheel of her car during an accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in California over the summer.

Lohan has reportedly told friends that she doesn't even care that the prosecutor is willing to let her get off without spending a day behind bars if she pleads guilty since she insists she is innocent!

Law enforcement sources claim, however, that prosecutors have an overwhelming amount of evidence that Lindsay was driving her car during the accident, despite claiming her assistant was.

Prosecutors are said to be willing to strike a deal with the actress that would send her to rehab for six months instead of jail, if she pleads guilty to the charges.

Lindsay has already pleaded "not guilty" in court about lying to police through her lawyer Shawn Holley but has been ordered to personally appear in court on January 30 for a formal pre-trial hearing.

If the case goes to trial and Lindsay is found guilty of lying, she faces 19 months in jail and could be sentenced to another 245 days for violating her probation.

Lindsay was put on probation after being found guilty of stealing a necklace in July 2011, for which she was sentenced to 120 days in prison and 480 hours of community service.