Colin Farrell on the cover of this month's Maxim
The publicity machine is gearing up for next month’s remake of Total Recall starring Colin Farrell.

The new edition of Maxim magazine features Farrell on the cover with his two co-stars, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale, and the threesome speak about such issues as world peace and curing cancer . . . not!

Maxim isn’t Time, so the questions tended toward the simple. What’s Farrell’s special skill that no one knows about? “If you spit chewing gum into the air I can catch it,” he says. Sweet.

His favorite curse word? Bollocks. And the body part he’s most proud of?

“The big toe on my left foot, because it survived an awful, traumatic event nine years ago.”

And what exactly happened?  “I can’t remember, because I was blacked out, but it ended up with a lot of blood,” he replied.

Well, let’s hope the movie is better than the interview! Total Recall opens on August 3.