Now that he has officially announced he will be flying to Ireland we can tell Barack Obama the ten top reasons he will love the place.

1. Very few Republicans: Most Irish are instinctively Democrat Party supporters because of history and more pro European/United Nations stance.

2. 40 million Irish Americans, many of them voters will approve of a visit home.

3. He's being kidding VP Joe Biden he'd get there before him, despite Biden's Irish roots-- now he will.

4. Back to his roots, and no controversy about where he was born or where his mother's ancestors came from.

5. A decent pint of Guinness.

6. It is not France or Germany.

7. Michelle will love the wild scenery and nature walks.

8. Obama can try out his John F.Kennedy impression.

9. No one cares about budget deficits, Irish are so far in the hole it is all meaningless

10. His visit will overshadow the Queen's visit set for around the same time.