With questions over whether that was the real Casey Anthony pictured in Ohio the other day the facts are that like Whitey Bulger, Anthony has a lot of places that she could probably gain anonymity in a country of 320 million people.

They are:
1.Las Vegas, millions come and go every year and there are few who put down long term roots, perfect for someone on the run.Said to be major area for relocation of witness protection individuals.

2. Atlantic City, less anonymous than Las Vegas but many of the same realities are there of anonymity and shifting population.

3. Arizona-- where no one knows your name, especially those new cities in the desert where no questions are asked.

4. New York City -- she might be able to blend in with the overwhelmingly young age demographic in places such as West Village or Tribeca. Everyone is from out of town too

5. Los Angeles-- again thousands of young people arrive and leave all the time, big city anonymity and sprawling suburbs might make it easy to hide