Tom & Suri Cruise

The Boots and Birdies centre in Lake Placid, New York - which also offers mini golf - got a call from Tom's representatives asking if they could close it for a "special guest."

The actor, his seven-year-old daughter Suri, some of her friends and their security team then turned up for a day of fun.

Local Scotty Marshall, told the Adirondack Daily Enterprise newspaper, "The kids seemed to have a wonderful time," adding Tom was "friendly but quiet ... videotaping his daughter".

Owner of Boots and Birdies, Terry Nichols, said Tom and Suri were impressed by Lake Placid village, which has a population of just 2,500 and is located in upstate New York.

He said: "They said they liked Lake Placid because of the quietness and lack of paparazzi, and they said they would return."

It seems Suri is back to full health again after breaking her arm in August, leaving her in a cast, which her mother, Tom's ex-wife Katie Holmes, wrote a cheeky message on reading: "No butt smacking with this!"
It has also recently been revealed Tom is planning to buy a home in London so he has a permanent place where Suri can stay with him when he is working in Europe.

A source said: "Tom is happy because he thinks putting down roots in London will allow him to take Suri for longer stretches of time.

"He is just trying to do something nice for Suri. She has been grounded in the United States for a long time and Tom wants to make sure she gets to experience life fully and know other cultures. He doesn't want her to grow up to be a narrow minded person who's afraid to use her passport."